Nebraska state senator seeks to make a point about water funding
February 24, 2010

Nebraska state senator Mark Christensen, who represents District 44 in the Unicameral, says he wants the state to refund any sales taxes generated within 2.5 miles of any stretch of water in the Republican River basin to be directed to the local natural resource district for use in water management. It's meant to duplicate what Omaha has done to fund the Qwest Center, and though Christensen doesn't think the bill will pass, he argues that water resources in his part of the state are such a high-priority economic issue that they deserve attention equal to what is paid to urban economic-development projects.

We work with communities all over Iowa and Nebraska to help make efficient use of their natural water resources, from pumps to extract the water from the ground to fluoride sensors and chlorine monitors to ensure its safety before it's delivered to the public, to the lift stations that carry wastewater away from homes and businesses, ensuring safe sanitation for all.

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