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Flexible-impeller pumps now for sale

May 17, 2016

We now feature dry-priming, positive-displacement pumps with flexible impellers from Zuwa in our online store. They come in both 110 VAC and drill-powered configurations and are good for small liquid-transfer applications.

Parallel, series, and parallel-series pumping

April 21, 2016

Or, "If we're running two pumps, why aren't we getting twice as much flow?"

One of many educational presentations we offer at conferences and by private request. Great for lunch-and-learn sessions.

Total system efficiency

March 24, 2016

When people use the word "efficiency" in the world of water systems, they're usually taking a very narrow view -- talking about something like pump hydraulic efficiency. But there is far more to the story. Total system efficiency goes much farther than that:

"Pump Maintenance and Troubleshooting" presentation

January 27, 2016

We're delivering this presentation today at the Snowball Conference in Kearney, Nebraska. Contact us if you'd like this presentation delivered at a meeting or in-house session.

Welcome, Homa!

January 11, 2016

We are pleased to welcome Homa Pump to our linecard. Homa manufactures a very wide range of submersible pumps, and we think they complement our other pump offerings quite well. The Homa range includes wet-pit, dry-pit, and shredder-style submersible pumps. Contact us with your pump inquiries anytime.

Equipment rental: Great for pilot projects and short-term needs

December 18, 2015

Sometimes, a plant doesn't need equipment permanently but only for a short period. This can happen when, for instance, a replacement plant is being constructed but existing facilities need to meet new discharge limits until the new system comes on-line. Or it can happen if a seasonal industry adds temporary loads to a wastewater stream that are only present for a few months at a time.

Under these conditions -- or if you're in a situation where a long-term trial with the option to buy fits better than an up-front purchase -- you may find something you like in the RWL Water rental program. Most RWL Water aeration products are available for rental for as little as three months at a time. And if you're using that period to run a pilot project or test trial, you can extend the lease or get credit for part of the initial rental fee applied to the purchase of the same equipment. It's an exceptional value and a great way to use public funds efficiently. Contact us for more information.

Hydrogen sulfide hazards
November 23, 2015

As colder weather sets in and doors get closed more often than they do in warmer months, now is a good time to review OSHA's guidance on the hazards of hydrogen sulfide. It's both poisonus and explosive, so take precautions to ensure your safety.

If you need assistance with monitoring hazardous gases, please take a look at our offerings from ATI or send us your questions.

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