Stop wasting maintenance dollars on your blowers

August 25, 2020

The cost of maintenance is very real -- as it has been put elsewhere, "If you don't put maintenance on your schedule, your equipment will schedule it for you." It's essential to set aside both time and money to do the job right.

But if you can simplify your equipment so that there are fewer moving parts and fewer items requiring regular attention, you can take big strides towards reducing the cost of maintenance (and as a result, reducing the total cost of ownership).

Hoffman has made a big step in that direction with the new Revolution Plus line of turbo blower. These blowers deliver a wide range of speeds using an innovative drive system that delivers extended bearing life and extremely low maintenance costs (with just one moving part), and their high efficiency can deliver energy savings of up to 40%. For most wastewater treatment plants, that could mean a giant reduction in operating expenses.

Contact us with your questions or to schedule an aeration audit to find out whether these or other Hoffman blowers are right for your plant.

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