D.J. Gongol and Associates, Inc. are the exclusive manufacturer's representatives for Analytical Technology, Inc. (ATI) water-quality monitors and toxic and combustible gas sensors in the states of Iowa and Nebraska. ATI is leading the way among manufacturers of sensors for use in a variety of municipal and industrial pollution-control applications.

We have a growing list of satisfied ATI customers in Iowa and Nebraska. They've found that ATI's products are not only state-of-the-art, but also functional, economical, and easy to use and maintain. ATI manufactures a range of water-quality and toxic-gas sensors -- the below is only a partial listing!
  • Two-Wire Gas Transmitters, the simple and economical gas transmitter for monitoring more than thirty hazardous gases. Two-Wire Gas Transmitters can detect chlorine, ozone, ammonia, carbon monoxide, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, and acid gases among many others. Two-Wire Gas Transmitters can give stand-alone LCD readouts or be wired into complete on-line systems for monitoring.

  • UniSens Universal 2-Wire Gas Transmitters take the ATI difference a step further, giving you a single transmitter that can measure 28 different hazardous gases using a single transmitter and ATI's exclusive factory-calibrated sensing modules. Simply snap the module into any ATI UniSens unit and the sensor uploads its calibration constants automatically. Many of the modules also come with Auto-Test technology, allowing the module to test itself automatically once every 24 hours (or anytime with manual activation). ATI's Auto-Test technology is a breakthrough for savings and safety.

  • Digital Gas Transmitters for use in HARTTM and ModbusTM relay systems, integral relays, and loop-powered transmission. ATI Digital Gas Transmitters log data internally and provide LCD readouts for alarms and menus. They're also password-protection-ready and housed in explosion-proof casings. ATI Digital Gas Transmitters can run simulations on both analog and digital outputs. All 46 sensors are interchangeable and store a memory of calibrations for review at any time.

  • PortaSens II -- a revolutionary hand-held gas detector for easy, one-hand leak detection. The ATI PortaSens II is easy to operate and comes standard with data-logging memory and a simple RS-232 output to help you download up to 12,000 data points (that's eight days of measurements at one-minute intervals!). Interchangeable smart sensors are available for more than 30 gases -- so you can go from monitoring ammonia to phosgene in less than a minute. The smart sensors are so smart, you don't even have to adjust the monitor -- they calibrate themselves! PortaSens II can help you measure chlorine, fluorine, ozone, ammonia, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, oxygen, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulfide, arsine, diborane, formaldehyde, and hydrogen selenide among many others! Find out more by clicking here, or click here for a quote.

  • GasSens Modular Gas Detectors allow you to perform remote monitoring of any of 30 different gases up to 1000 feet away from the sensor. The modular system is extremely flexible and allows you to choose the most economical system for your facility. Battery backups, power-supply modules, horns, strobes, and explosion-proof sensor housings are all available, along with a variety of receiver enclosures.

  • Carbon Dioxide Transmitters

  • Gas Sample Pumping Systems

  • Ozone Gas Generators

  • ScanAlarm Multipoint Scanning Alarm Systems
ATI is the leader in gas and water-quality sensing and monitoring, and we're excited to share them with you. Contact us for custom quotes and specifications.