Half-century restaurant closing for lack of a grease trap
February 23, 2010

Mama Lacona's, an Urbandale restaurant that has been around the Des Moines area since 1957, is likely to be closing because it can't get the financing it needs to install a grease trap to prevent its wastewater from clogging sewer lines downstream. The new grease trap would cost at least $60,000, according to the Des Moines Register, and financing options have run dry. The Metropolitan Water Reclamation Authority doesn't really have a choice, either, since it's legally required to manage wastewater flows and prevent backups and overflows. The fats, oils, and greases program managed by the WRA applies to all restaurants in the area.

Related product: While the WRA's FOG program doesn't allow individual restaurants to use enzymes or other controls to manage their grease discharges, we do offer degreasing chemicals for use in lift stations and septic systems where allowable. And when hard-to-treat pollutants reach municipal wastewater treatment plants, we can help them operate more effectively with our PTFE-coated fine-bubble diffusers, which resist fouling and perform better than ceramic discs or plain EPDM rubber diffusers.

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