Portable hydraulic pumps satisfy a particular need for pumping in lift-station bypass operations, flood control, and lagoon pumpdown -- in addition to many other applications -- where the water level is 25' or more below the ground elevation, but where electricity isn't readily available. Available atmospheric pressure usually prohibits above-ground engine-driven pumps from lifting water more than about 25' from the water level to the pump. Those deeper applications usually call for submersible pumps, but sometimes electricity isn't available -- or using it to drive an electric-powered submersible pump may present a safety hazard.

For those applications, a rugged submersible hydraulic pump may present the right answer. Built from rugged castings machined to high-precision tolerances, Hydra-Tech portable hydraulic pumps are designed for heavy-duty service in rugged applications. Their simple design reduces maintenance costs, and because only the pump head goes down to the water level, they are usually lighter-weight than comparable electric-driven submersible pumps.

Portable hydraulic submersible pumps can be driven by auxiliary hydraulic outputs from heavy equipment like tractors and skid-loaders, or they can be operated by portable hydraulic power units, using either gasoline or diesel engines.

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