Iowa is a top-ten state for fluoridation
September 30, 2010

The majority of Iowans are served by public water systems, and according to the CDC, almost 92% of Iowans served by those systems are receiving an optimal dose of fluoride, which helps to protect teeth and improve public health. That percentage places Iowa among the top ten states in the nation for those serving their communities with fluoridated water. Maryland takes the top position, with 99.8% of all residents on community water systems receiving fluoridated water. Nebraska falls in at #30, with 69.9% of residents on public water systems receiving the right dose of fluoride, though the state of Hawaii is far behind, at just 10.8%.

Though there are some very loud opponents to fluoridation, the American Water Works Association (America's largest trade group devoted to safe drinking water) has affirmed its support for the recommendations of the CDC, American Dental Association, and American Medical Association in support of fluoridation. Both too much and too little fluoride in the water can have detrimental effects, so fluoride monitors should be used to help ensure the optimal dose.

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