Cost to repair ISU after floods: $40 million
September 21, 2010

17 campus buildings were damaged by this summer's flooding, and the university thinks repairs will cost between $40 million and $50 million. Three major buildings had standing water of at least two feet. Some of the costs will be picked up by insurance, but the university will be looking at alternatives to the current flood-control system for the future. The university's official plan is to protect the existing buildings at highest risk of flooding, rather than demolish, replace, or move them, and the state's board of regents approved plans to expedite the reconstruction of damaged buildings.

The flooding in Ames this summer was mainly the result of a very rapid series of strong storms over the course of just three days that soaked the watershed and caused rivers to exceed their 500-year probabilities. We can help communities prevent flood damage with a variety of tools, including portable pumping stations, flood-control gates, and portable dams.

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