Davenport officials think they're ready for a flood
March 24, 2010

The Mississippi River at Davenport is expected to crest just below flood stage late next week -- days after the rest of the region's rivers have fallen -- but the officials at the city of Davenport think they're ready for any potential flooding. Downstream, Burlington has been above flood stage for days, but authorities there are not concerned with the river rise. Des Moines has been fortunate to reach a peak stage at Saylorville several feet lower than once anticipated. Iowa has generally been very fortunate with this spring's flooding; most of the worst-case scenarios have been avoided, and though there have been lots of hard-worked sump pumps inside homes and businesses, and lots of deployments of portable flood pumps, many of the precautions taken in the past have paid off today. That, of course, is the challenge with flooding: Most of the best preparations can only be taken when things are high and dry -- which is when people are least likely to want to pay for flood-prevention measures. Good stormwater control requires lots of foresight and planning.

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