Iowa's proposed lake-nutrient rules to be paused and overhauled
March 3, 2010

The Iowa DNR issued notice to members of the Water Quality mailing list a few days ago indicating that the proposed revisions to the state's rules regarding the management of nutrients (like nitrogen and phosphorus) in the state's lakes and public waters were being put on hold. The nutrient study has been underway for years and a notice of intended action had been issued, but the DNR says that public hearings gave it new information that will require extensive revisions to the proposal. Thus the DNR is asking the Environmental Protection Commission to put the brakes on the approval of the rule at their meeting on March 16th.

We naturally take great interest in the standards applied to water quality in Iowa, since those conditions are affected by (and affect) much of the work we do, especially in municipal wastewater treatment. We will of course be paying careful attention to the changes made to the lake-nutrient standards.

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