D.J. Gongol and Associates, Inc. can help you with virtually any floating silt curtain or turbidity barrier application.

Floating silt curtains are capable of floating even when in the presence of solid materials that may adhere to the curtain. Features like buoyancy, permeability and impermeability, and even color can be customized to your requirements. Floating silt curtains can be installed in open water (as in a lake or in the ocean) or near any shore where disruption can discharge sediment into a river or stream.

Silt curtains are suspended vertically in the water, hanging from floats, and deflect and contain sediment long enough to allow the sediment particles to settle in the bottom of the reservoir. This simple hydraulic action has the effect of protecting aquatic environments from chemicals, silt, and other types of contamination that can result from dredging, earthworks, and construction near bodies of water.

Standard floating silt curtains are manufactured from high-strength filter fabrics custom-produced by the manufacturer for this kind of application. The float and bottom sleeve are UV-stabilized for maximum solar durability.

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last revised March 2009