A plan for flood control in Cedar Rapids
November 17, 2011

The US Army Corps of Engineers (from Rock Island) has unveiled its plans for flood protection for the east side of the riverbank in Cedar Rapids, where it goes through downtown. They're planning to use a mix of levees and permanent flood walls for future flooding control -- even though the city expressed a preference for a lot of removable flood walls, which are much more expensive.

Flood-protection levees and permanent walls often utilize flap gates and sluice gates to allow water to drain from the dry side of the levee or wall into the river that's being contained. We've been very pleased with the quality and speed of delivery on gates from Golden Harvest over the seven years we have represented them -- particularly on flood-related emergency projects. Golden Harvest has the unique ability to respond to rapid-response requests and to turn around gates faster than any other manufacturer we've seen.

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