Branstad calls projected Missouri River flooding "the worst situation" he can remember
June 7, 2011

The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that Iowa Governor Terry Branstad is calling the Missouri River flooding "the worst situation I can ever remember", and he's probably right. The flooding is likely going to engulf much of the Interstate 29 corridor, and the inundation maps provided by the US Army Corps of Engineers reveal that a huge region of western Iowa is going to be under a lot of water once the upstream dams hit their high release point. There's apparently been little impact on corn markets, even though a significant number of acres are going to be submerged. The dams upstream were designed to withstand flows estimated from an 1881 flood, but this year's circumstances are even worse. Things will be made worse -- at least in small part -- due to flooding that's going to come through the Platte River system and into the Missouri as well.

We are actively assisting communities in Nebraska and western Iowa with pumps and other flood-control products. Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

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