Missouri River heads into "uncharted territory"
May 25, 2011

Today's Omaha World-Herald carries a foreboding story about the Missouri River, saying that record flows are going to be released from upstream dams before the river splits Iowa and Nebraska, and that the river will run several feet higher than normal in many places as a result. Flooding has already begun upstream, and additional rain is only going to compound the problem. People living in southwestern Iowa are going to be protected better than ever before, thanks to a remarkable effort by Golden Harvest to deliver flood-control gates to a project by the US Army Corps of Engineers and contractor Weston Solutions. Only time will tell whether the surge coming down the Missouri River will end up causing additional suffering downstream after it joins the Mississippi River at St. Louis. But it's already been noted that floodwaters near Nebraska City could close off Iowa Highway 2, which links the two states. The river was high even back in late March, when the photo below was taken:

Missouri River at Nebraska City

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