Minnesota floodwaters reach Dubuque
October 1, 2010

As we noted earlier this week, floodwaters from the torrential rainfall in Minnesota and Wisconsin from September 23rd have reached Dubuque, where high water levels are expected to persist for about a week. This kind of flooding is unusual for the fall, being more characteristic of springtime storms and flooding. But due to the amount of warning and the slow onset of the flooding, locals have had plenty of time to prepare, and it's not expected to be particularly damaging.

People far from the flooding ought to take this opportunity to assess whether they're prepared for heavy rainfall during any time of the year. Do you have a battery-backup sump pump in case storms knock out power while drenching the soil? Do you have a generator for use if the power fails due to ice storms in the coming months? Do you or your community have portable pumps for fighting floodwaters behind a sandbag levee or a portable dam?

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