Why you should use a portable dam instead of sandbags
August 5, 2010

The eastern Iowa town of Buffalo sits along the Mississippi River just south of the Quad Cities. A few days ago, it looked like Buffalo was going to suffer a serious flood as a storm surge from the massive rains that drenched northeastern Iowa (and breached the Lake Delhi dam) came down the river. They had obvious reason for concern: The floods of 2008 covered roads in town. But the expected flood of 2010 never happened. And now the community is stuck with lots of filled sandbags, and there's nothing to do with them.

Buffalo is far from being the first -- or the last -- community to have to deal with sandbag cleanup, whether they're unused or wet, moldy, and pest-ridden. A far better option is the Aqua Dam, which is a flexible, easily-deployed geomembrane tube that can be laid out and filled with water to hold back flooding just as effectively as sandbags, but with none of the health risks or the backbreaking labor. Request a quote on one of these portable dams now, before your next flooding emergency.

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