Another day of flash flooding
July 7, 2010

Today has been a rough one across much of Iowa, as counties all over the state have been hit by flash flooding. The floods have been brought on by strong and slow-moving showers and storms that appear to have dropped as much as 6" of rain in the Waterloo area over a 12-hour period and 3" to 4" rain totals over many other parts of the state. The flooding has affected tens of thousands of people. The river flooding problem along the Des Moines River looks like it's subsiding, but the torrential rains that caused the flash flooding could easily become a problem again if the forecast holds true.

Our experiences with flash flooding and river flooding this year are likely to bring more attention to matters of stormwater control over the coming year or two. We have decades of experience in those kinds of applications which we bring to product selection in this field.

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