Old warships battling the environment
April 13, 2010

An effort is underway to preserve the USS Iowa as a tourist attraction, but it's going to cost an estimated $20 to $25 million by the time the project is complete. The reason so much money is needed is because the ship requires considerable renovations to keep it from rusting away. The main proposal underway at present would move the ship to Vallejo, California. The USS Iowa and other warships are currently sitting in an estuary near the San Francisco Bay, where they are thought to be "leaking" tons of heavy metals into the water, and some locals are happy to see the ships leave. As an Iowa company, we're hopeful that our namesake ship will find a long-term home where it will be preserved well. As environmental-equipment suppliers, we recognize just how corrosive salt water can be (that's why marine pumps have to be specially constructed), and we understand just how dangerous heavy metals can be to the natural environment.

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