D.J. Gongol and Associates, Inc. can help you with virtually any vapor barrier application. Vapor barriers impede the infiltration of water vapor and moisture through concrete slabs and foundations. The use of vapor barriers can help with a number of costs:
  • Mold growth. Vapor barriers help prevent mold growth, which can have crushing costs when it causes damage to structural wood and drywall.
  • Employee health and safety. The spread of black mold can lead to respiratory problems like asthma as well as allergic reactions. Some people have even developed lung infections due to long-term exposure to mold, and the CDC has an extensive library of resources devoted to the dangers of mold exposure.
  • Insurance costs and liability. By reducing the spread of moisture, vapor barriers can reduce damage to concrete slabs and prevent premature damage to expensive equipment kept in below-ground storage. Insurance companies are becoming increasingly concerned about their potential liability in cases related to mold growth, and it is likely that some insurers will insist on higher premiums for policyholders who haven't used available resources like vapor barriers to reduce the potential for mold growth.
  • Environmental gases. The US Department of Energy recommends using vapor barriers to help insulate crawl spaces and other areas where reducing environmental humidity and the diffusion of gases like radon is needed.
Our vapor barriers are manufactured from virgin resins and performance additives to ensure that they exceed all standards for Class A vapor barriers. For more assistance, use our vapor barrier quote request form and let us know a little more about your application.

last revised 12.18.2007