Mixing and aeration all in one

January 18, 2022

Gorman-Rupp's new EchoStorm Venturi aerator eliminates the maintenance hassles associated with lagoons and large tanks while providing mixing and aeration together in one simple, operator-friendly package. Directly aerate from 50 gpm up to 1300 gpm of water by pumping it directly through the EchoStorm, while ensuring that your tank, pit, or lagoon is thoroughly mixed. All O&M is handled safely on dry land, and can usually be performed by a single operator. And it's all based on the most reliable pumps in the market: Gorman-Rupp self-priming Super T and Ultra V Series pumps. Learn more on our Venturi aeration page.

Snowball Conference one week from today

January 19, 2022

Come see us in Kearney, Nebraska, one week from today at the NWOD/LONM Snowball Conference. We will be delivering two presentations on Wednesday (January 26th): "Pump Cavitation 101" at 2:15 and "Energy Efficiency: Controlling Blowers with Valves and VFDs" at 3:15. The Snowball Conference is a great oportunity to earn up to 10.25 wastewater hours and up to 5 water hours.

Water pressure boosters promote health and safety

January 20, 2022

Reliable domestic water pressure isn't just important for quality of life. It's also crucial for fire protection as well as for water safety -- low pressure events can be a source of dangerous contamination. If your community isn't getting enough pressure at the far reaches of the distribution system, we offer booster stations from Gorman-Rupp and Patterson Pump Co. that can efficiently and reliably keep water flowing at just the right pressure. Learn more and download literature from our booster station section.

"Troubleshooting Pump Cavitation" at the Iowa Water Well Association

January 21, 2022

We will present "Troubleshooting Pump Cavitation" at the 2022 Iowa Water Well Association conference in Altoona on Friday, January 28th. It's a popular presentation with lots of practical value. Attend the conference and join us!

No snow for Snowball, but we'll be there anyway

January 24, 2022

The League of Nebraska Municipalities and the Nebraska Wastewater Operators Division will host the Snowball Conference this week, and if you pay close attention to the conference program, you'll note that we will be there to deliver "Pump Cavitation 101" at 2:15 on Wednesday and "Energy Efficiency: Controlling Blowers with Valves and VFDs" immediately following at 3:15. No snow is in the forecast, but we'll be there anyway. Our presentations are a point of pride for us, and we think they're a valuable service to the industry.

Big treatment effects for tight spots

January 25, 2022

If you're facing a situation where you need to improve the effluent quality of a wastewater treatment system but you don't have a lot of space available, consider the Fluence Aspiral package system. It's a membrane-aerated biofilm reactor system (MABR), which can be configured in a modular arrangement to deliver lots of high-quality treatment (including simultaneous nitrification and denitrification) in a compact, energy-efficient package. These can make lots of sense for applications where lagoon treatment needs to be upgraded or where old onsite treatment systems just aren't keeping up. Contact us for more details.

What we're teaching today

January 26, 2022

Attendees at today's Snowball Conference in Kearney, Nebraska, will have the opportunity to catch not one but two of our educational presentations for credit toward license renewal. The first presentation is perennial favorite "Cavitation 101", which explores in-depth the causes and effects of pump cavitation -- as well as how to distinguish the effects of cavitation from other sources of mischief, like air entrainment, abrasive wear, and chemical attack. The second presentation is newer, but earned good reviews at its introduction last fall: Throttling Blowers with Valves and VFDs. We like to call it "You Can't Control Me!". Considering the growing interest in energy efficiency across all parts of the economy, plus the impact that higher energy efficiency can have on important issues like carbon emissions, the information we present is well worth noting. Aeration consumes a big chunk of the energy at most wastewater facilities, if not a majority of it. Aerating wisely can save meaningful amounts of electricity, and implementing automatic controls can have an extremely quick payback period.

Keeping it mild

January 27, 2022

Cold winter temperatures can do real damage to pumps, valves, piping, and other equipment -- especially in applications where the water might freeze, since the expansion of liquid water into ice can cause that innocent-looking ice to crack right through tough materials like cast iron. Wherever you have remote installations where temperature or humidity can be a factor, the SenseAnywhere remote monitoring system could be a valuable insurance policy. This affordable and easy-to-use system also offers tools for detecting motion and carbon dioxide levels, with both data-logging capacity and alarm features. Contact us if you need to protect your capital equipment in the cold.

A class so nice, we gave it twice

January 28, 2022

Earlier this week, we delivered "Cavitation 101" to the Snowball Conference put on by the League of Nebraska Municipalities and the Nebraska Wastewater Operators Division. We delivered much the same presentation today in Altoona, Iowa, at the Iowa Water Well Association conference. It's one of many presentations on pumps, hydraulics, and treatment that we share with our community of water professionals. We want you to see exactly why you can trust us as the pumping authority.

Troubleshooting pump cavitation - v.19 from Brian Gongol

Water quality monitoring, simplified

January 31, 2022

Municipal water systems can simplify their water-quality monitoring with the help of a consolidated water-quality panel from ATI. It's a convenient way to measure lots of parameters all in one place -- turbidity, residual chlorine, pH, temperature, fluoride, and more. For more information, contact us and we'll help you find the system that makes the most sense for your application and your budget.

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