World Toilet Day
November 19, 2012

It's easy for us to take things like sanitary sewers for granted, but the UN has declared today World Toilet Day, and it's worth noting that 7,500 people die every day because they don't have access to safe sanitation, including toilets. That's truly unacceptable in 2012.

Drought continues: River traffic threatened
November 26, 2012

The drought may become a little more invisible in the winter months, but it's still with us, and now the lack of rain is threatening barge traffic on the Mississippi River. The river is a major economic thoroughfare, and if traffic is shut down (as it might be around St. Louis), that could have a serious impact on the economy.

No meaningful relief from drought
November 27, 2012

The persistent drought didn't really improve this month -- Iowa has only gotten about half of its normal rain for November, and most of the state is in a severe drought or worse.

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