D.J. Gongol and Associates, Inc. are the exclusive manufacturer's representatives for Golden Harvest, Inc. gates in the states of Iowa and Nebraska. Golden Harvest manufactures the innovative GH-9000 series upstream level control gate, which is certain to find widespread application in a variety of water and wastewater applications.

Upstream level control gate Upstream level-control gates are good for a variety of applications where it's important to keep a constant level of water in some source:
  • Wastewater Clarifiers. It's easier to control clarifier odors when the water level in the clarifier is kept constant. A GH-9000 upstream level-control gate can help keep the wastewater clarifier level constant, reducing odors without reducing the clarifier's capacity.

  • UV Disinfection Systems. UV disinfection systems need a constant water level to ensure that the bulbs remain immersed at all times. Instead of complicated, energy-wasting systems of PLC relays and modulating actuators, the GH-9000 works consistently with virtually no maintenance, no electrical power, and no user intervention. Lower initial cost alone makes the GH-9000 a superior choice, and the improved reliability, lower maintenance, and long-run operating costs (practically zero!) make the GH-9000 a clearly better choice.

  • Flood Control. The GH-9000 makes it easy to monitor and control flood control systems and retention ponds. With no user intervention required, the GH-9000 upstream level-control gate can be placed upstream from a stormwater retention basin, allowing more flow into the basin when storms occur and preserving basin capacity when it's not needed.

  • Wastewater Headworks Control. A GH-9000 level-control gate placed prior to the headworks in a wastewater plant can help equalize flows into the plant without the waste and complication of PLC relays and modulating actuators.

  • Recreational Water Reservoirs and Lakes. Constant lake and reservoir levels keep recreational users happy, and the simple but powerful GH-9000 upstream level control gate can keep water levels predictable and optimal without operator intervention.

Upstream level control gate at low flow Upstream level control gate at high flow
Upstream level control gate at low flow Upstream level control gate at high flow

The GH-9000 upstream level-control gate uses force-balance control to automatically maintain upstream water levels at a minimum of headloss. The gate contains a buoyant compartment on the upstream side, which is counterbalanced by a pair of ballasts. Once properly installed, the gate provides long-term service with precision control of upstream water levels, without requiring complicated and energy-consuming PLC controls and modulating gate actuators.

Long-term maintenance is virtually eliminated, requiring only occasional lubrication of the axis points. The Golden Harvest GH-9000 level-control gate can handle maximum flows from 4 CFS (2.58 MGD) to 2000 CFS (1,290 MGD).

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last revised 10.14.2005